Negative Reviews

At A & J Tire and Automotive, our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction. And we achieve that for the vast, vast majority of our customers. However, if you search for our website, you’ll notice a few prominent negative reviews will pop up, and we wish to address them.First, they represent a very small group of people. And, almost exclusively, the complaints are about the Interlock device, which is often a requirement of a lost DUI court case.

Unfortunately, we do not have control over many aspects of the Interlock device. We do not set the pricing, nor do we control how often the Interlock user has to meet with us to have the device inspected.

We have been installing the Interlock device for Colorado residents since 1996, and are happy to help you become more informed about it. But keeping your appointments and paying the fees are your responsibility. Because the Interlock system is state mandated, we have no leeway when it comes to many aspects of the device.

We do everything in our power to help our customers in all things automotive, and it is frustrating when complaints arise which are related to issues we have no control over. We understand that using the device is not something people typically voluntarily want to do, and that the fees and maintenance associated with it can be a hassle. If you do find yourself having problems with the device, we’re here to help as much as possible, and to refer you to a more appropriate agency (such as the DMV or the courts) when necessary.


Alan & Devon