While nobody wants to spend all their time getting their car serviced, we do hope that you choose us whenever you need repairs and routine maintenance. We pride ourselves on being trustworthy and competent, and hope that you’ll be with us for the life of your car. We aim to never have an unsatisfied customer — check out what they have to say!

“In a word: Trust. From the first time I brought my car to A & J I felt like I could trust their advice and recommendations. They haven’t ever done me wrong and I feel safer knowing my car is in their hands.” – Troy
“As a girl, I am always nervous about car places because I always assume they’ll try to rip me off. However, at A&J I felt very well taken care of. Granted, it wasn’t an engine rebuild or anything. I popped in one morning before work to get a slow leaking tire tended to on my beloved Mini Cooper. I was in and out in 20 minutes, cost exactly as advertised and they even showed me the nail they pulled out. The guys even reset the low tire alarm! How awesome! Would definitely be back for any tire-related needs.” – Aimee
“They are quick, friendly, hardworking and very detail oriented. Best of all trustworthy. I enjoy bringing my car here to them because I trust them 100%.” – Dan
“I’ve been going to them for a few years now , I have never been disappointed with there service, they do excellent work.” – Jake
“I just went to A & J Tire for the first time today after visiting several other shops to see if they could fix my tire. A & J was the only place that was able to fix it, and I have to say, this place has THE BEST service! They were very helpful, and I will definitely be going back.” – Jenn
“I was coming home from work when I caught a flat. I was towed to A & J Tire where I was in and out within 20 minutes with a new tire and back on the road. I really appreciate the great customer service as well as the fast service I was given. Thanks” – Alex
“A & J Tire was very professional when I went in to get my tires fixed. What I liked about them was that its a family business and I think that is really cool. They did a great job and I will recommend them to family and friends for sure.” – Abigail
“I received great service at A & J Tire. They gave me an awesome deal on a set of 4 tires that beat out any other offer I’ve received. They also did the job very quickly which worked out for my busy schedule.” – Eddie
“After hearing from my normal car place that I had to spend at least 350 dollars to repair a screw puncture and busted belt on two different tires, these guys fixed the hole(to see if it would hold) and put my full-size spare on the car. I don’t drive it more then 2000 miles a year and they said it wouldn’t be a problem. Took them 15 minutes and cost me 15 dollars. I was so happy, I gave then 20. They were very polite and unbelievably fast. Did they promise the tire repair wold hold? No, but they said they’d give it a try and if not, come back and get a new tire. That’s a lot better for budget.” – Howard
“Stop in here for you tire woes. Time it right and there’s no wait. Had four with slow leaks and they found a screw in one of them and leaky valve stems in the other three. Fixed all of them at a price that was beyond fair and explained everything all the way through. Great service and great business.” – Mark
“2 months now and the patch in one tire and the plug in another are both holding up just fine. But another loose screw found its was to a third tire while I was not paying attention. They patched that one up to and I couldn’t be more pleased with their services.” – Megan
“All I can say is A & J Tire is the best. I have been coming here for year’s and I am given the same fast, reliable customer service every time. I come in with a problem and leave with all my needs taken care of. A & J Tire keep up the good work I am a customer for life.” – Tony

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