A&J Tire Factory is a proud reseller of The SafeKey System – A Voluntary Deterrent to Impairment Worries Behind the Wheel

Our system is a voluntary type of ignition interlock that does not use a breathalyzer. Instead, the SafeKey System challenges the driver with a test of eye-hand-brain cognitive coordination to get the car started. We like to say, use our SafeKey system and you may never need to meet the mandated breathalyzer test.

An interlock device is installed in the car like a regular interlock device, but there is no breathalyzer. Instead, the driver has a special key fob called a ‘check module’ with random lights that flash with corresponding buttons to push. You have to keep up and hit the right buttons to start the car.

This image shows the SafeKey System with check module (key fob), ignition interlock module, and optional GPS module.
Our data shows that once people get just a little over a .10 BAC, the SafeKey task becomes nearly impossible. A SafeKey System WILL prevent ‘Extreme DUI’. Extreme DUI is a BAC typically over .11 BAC. Accidents from Extreme DUI result in a staggering number of fatalities. Our system saves lives and changes the way you think prior to operating a vehicle.
SafeKey also prevents other types of impaired driving which a breathalyzer test cannot detect. Drivers on prescription medications like Ambien (sleepy driving), drugs, diabetics, or Alzheimer’s may have symptoms that affect their motor skills. This unsafe driving can be prevented with our device.
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