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Run Flat Machine

Run Flat Machine

A & J Tire and Automotive  is a one-stop, full service automotive service center. We do everything from engines to tires. This includes:

  • Brakes
  • Oil Changes
  • Alignments
  • Drivability Issues
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Air Conditioning
  • Exhaust Work
  • And much more!

Basically, if your car is acting funny, we can help you out. But aside from the common issues listed above, we also offer the following specialized services, which are not typically available in most places:

Premium Alignment Machine
Many newer vehicles are capable of being aligned in the front and the rear. Only a premium machine can align both, ensuring that your tires don’t become unnecessarily worn down and that your vehicle handles safely.

Run Flat Machine
A Run-Flat tire is, like it sounds, a tire which is temporarily drivable even after you get a flat, thus eliminating the need for a spare.  In order to mount a Run-Flat tire, a special Run-Flat tire machine is needed, otherwise the wheel and/or the sensor could be damaged. Not every tire shop has the equipment or the know-how to deal with Run-Flat tires, but we do. You can trust us with all of your Run-Flat tire needs.

Fleet Services
We offer maintenance and repairs for large fleets of service vehicles. Click here for more information on our Fleet Services.

Guardian Interlock Systems
Ignition Interlock is a device created to prevent drunk driving, and can only be installed by certain qualified technicians and service centers. We’ve been representing Guardian Interlock Systems and installing their devices since 1996, when they first became available in Colorado.

SafeKey Systems

Our system is a voluntary type of ignition interlock that does not use a breathalyzer. Instead, the SafeKey System challenges the driver with a test of eye-hand-brain cognitive coordination to get the car started. We like to say, use our SafeKey system and you may never need to meet the mandated breathalyzer test.

Adam’s Care Care Products
If you’re a care enthusiast and want your ride to look great – Adam’s Premium Car Care Products are the best in the business. And we carry them at A & J Tire and Service Center.